Early Peoples

Learn all about how Early Peoples survived in Scotland!

stoneage foodOur “Early Peoples” topic covers both Mesolithic and Neolithic (commonly known as the stone age) in Scotland. How did our ancient ancestors feed themselves? What tools did they use? What did they wear? What did they do with their spare time? Where did they live?

We will visit your school in stone age clothing and will engage the children with an introduction about life in the stone age, tools and technologies.  This will then be followed by the opportunity to take part in one or two of a number of stone age crafts (age dependant). These crafts include:

bead making rhynie flint
antler carving
cordage making
fire lighting (if outside space is available)

Storytelling would also have been a huge part of stone age life and so each session will end with a story which will teach the children about stone age beliefs of the time. Our “Early Peoples